Get Involved


By viewing A Fall From Freedom, and by going to this page, it is clear that you are already involved in this issue. To initiate effective change, your voice must be heard.

First, there are a variety of organizations working diligently not only to end the Japanese dolphin drive fishery, which provides so many animals to marine parks worldwide, but to end the commercial display of whales and dolphins altogether. Seek out these organizations, support their work, and get involved. It may not sound like much, but real change for the good can only come about when an informed citizenry stands up, expresses their opinion, and sees through the propaganda of the corporate public relations machine.

Actions You Can Take

•  Do not attend any marine park or aquarium that displays whales or dolphins.

•  Tell your friends not to attend these facilities as well and explain why.

•  Find and support the non-profit organizations that have been educating the public about captive whales and dolphins, and that have been working to end the Japanese dolphin drive fishery.

•  Share A Fall From Freedom with friends, neighbors, family, and co-workers, and start discussions about the issues.

•  Write letters and send emails expressing your opinion to marine parks in your country that display whales or dolphins. All of these facilities are directly or indirectly involved in the death of thousands of dolphins through the Japanese drive fishery. If they do not take animals directly from the drive fishery, by way of displaying these animals they are justifying and condoning it.

Letters should be written to your Congressperson, your Senators, or your government representative expressing your opposition to the importation of any whale or dolphin into your country.

NOTE: When the issue of dolphins dying by the thousands in the nets of purse seine tuna boats came to the attention of citizens worldwide, public outrage directed toward this practice all but ended it. A billion dollar industry, with its high-paid lobbyists and its corporate public relations machine, was forced by public opinion to accept and can only dolphin-safe tuna.

Only through public concern and action can the issues presented in A Fall From Freedom be dealt with effectively and responsibly.

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