The Filmmaker

Stanley M. Minasian

Founder Marine Mammal Fund, 1973 (name change to Animal Fund, 1997). a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Goals: To educate the public on critical issues involving the welfare or animals, wild and domestic, and the environment.

Led the research and public exposure of the U.S. purse seine tuna fishing industry’s use of dolphins during yellowfin tuna fishing operations in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean., where over 10 million dolphins have been killed in the past 40 years.

Produced the first documentary film on the dolphin/tuna issue, hosted by Dick Cavett and broadcast on Westinghouse Broadcasting Systems network and PBS. This film won three Emmy Awards for Subject Matter, Scripting, and Editing. Followed up in 1991 with a more comprehensive film, hosted by Academy Award winner, George C. Scott, that was broadcast primetime on Discovery Channel and PBS, which was instrumental in the three major U.S. tuna canneries no longer accepting tuna caught on dolphins. Winner, Best Film, 1991 U.S. Environmental Film Festival.

Developed EarthViews Productions, under Animal Fund, to continue productions that expose issues dealing with animal and environmental education, abuse and/or exploitation.

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